Markets Served

Medical / Dental

The medical and dental industries depend on TORIN Product's commitment to excellence as a matter of the quality and safety of patient care. Our medical valves are produced to the strictest standards and tolerances. Our dental bur stems are manufactured to the highest quality while meeting customers' cost restrictions.

medical dental


Aerospace companies depend on TORIN for world-class precision parts. The manufacture of high-stress aerospace components requires the knowledge and skill to meet the strictest standards. TORIN can produce tight-tolerance aerospace parts machined out of virtually any metal to meet the quality and budgetary requirements.


Industrial / General

TORIN Product's operational priorities are quality, on-time delivery and value. In all three areas, we deliver with precision turned parts that meet and exceed manufacturer specifications. With a full-range of CNC machinery, we are equipped to handle the manufacture of your industrial components including: firing pins, rings, hinges, probes, spacers and housings etc from standard and exotic metals.

industrial general

Hydraulic Components

TORIN Product's precision screw machine parts are manufactured to perform flawlessly in the most difficult and complex hydraulic settings. Call TORIN today to discuss the manufacture of your hydraulic product valves and components.

hydraulic components