deco 1a

Deco 10a

TORIN has two versions of DECO 10: 7-axis with counter-spindle and 9-axis with counter spindle and end working

Deco 13A

TORIN™ has two versions of DECO 13: 10-axis; and 12-axis

deco 13a

Marubeni Citizen K16

Improved productivity for complex machining, TORIN utilizes the complete production capabilities of the Citizen K16 for precision screw machine parts

Higher accuracy, cost reduction and quick delivery are important aspects for the efficient machining of precision parts. The K series new generation type CNC automatic lathe was developed to help satisfy such demands

marubeni citizen k16

Although the machine is compact in size, it is equipped with up to four quill spindles or end-face drilling spindle (option) to support various types of complex machining. In addition, a variety of designs and devices have been adopted in the K16 for extended, stable machining operation and prolonging the life of the machine.

Significant increase of productivity. Drastic reduction of lead time.

Index ABC

index abc

work area

For increased speed and flexibility, TORIN utilizes the complete production capabilities of the Index ABC for precision screw machine parts.

Find out how the benefits of constant surface speed programming allows for optimum cycle times, better tool life and consistent workpiece finishes. Call today!

The clearly structured work area with upper turret mainly for I.D. work and lower turret particularly for O.D. work. Up to 6 backworking stations complete the tooling array. These stations are mounted above the main spindle. They service the synchronized spindle in the upper turret.