TORIN Products, Inc. is a contract manufacturer of high precision screw machine components and turned parts made from stainless steels, exotic metals, titanium, brass and aluminum. The company is committed to manufacturing intricate metal parts to completion in one operation at only the highest quality. TORIN Products, Inc. maintains it's competitiveness by utilizing Tornos DECO, Citizen & Star CNC Swiss style turning machines. Shorter cycle times are accomplished by utilizing multiple cutting tools in the work piece simultaneously, accompanied by back working attachments to effectively machine both ends of the part at the same time.

"We specialize in tight tolerance, hard-to-make complex parts - from difficult to machine materials. To be competitive, we focus on the smaller precision parts for increasingly precise components, all while actively and continuously improving our operation, reducing costs, eliminating secondary operations and minimizing part handling time." - Tom Bernstein, CEO of TORIN Products, Inc.

TORIN Products, Inc. manufactures precision screw machine parts to the tightest tolerance: +/- .0001 on diameters & +/- .0002 on lengths with outside diameter production capabilities up to 1 5/8" and lengths up to 6".